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This tag is applied to questions related to various VPN types such as PPTP or IPSec.

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How do I pick a VPN provider?

There's a lot of VPN providers out there. Some are free, some are for a fee, some report logs to the government, some inject ads into your HTTP, some are in other countries, you might not have any ...
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distributing files to VPN partners

suppose i've created VPN certificates for a certain VPN-RoadWarrior-Client, expressed in the files VPN-RoadWarrior-Client.key and VPN-RoadWarrior-Client.crt*, however VPN-RoadWarrior-Client is ...
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symmetric encryption session keys in SSL/TLS

This question concerns the session send and receive keys used in SSL/TLS protocol. my understanding is that this key uses symmetric encryption (DES, AES, BlowFish, etc.) I'm wondering, if public-...
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Are there consumer-grade VPN services that support two-factor authentication, like SecurID?

I'd like to increase my VPN security, and Google hasn't turned up anything with regard to VPN services and SecurId. Does anyone know of services like this?
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Multiple VPN clients in parallel

If I were to run more than one VPN clients on my machine, simultaneously, what risks would be involved? E.g. are there technical conflicts, such that it wouldn't work right? Could there be ...
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SSL vs IPsec what's the difference [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference in security between a VPN- and a SSL-connection? Which is more secure? And offer better access control?
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I'm using a Cisco ASA as a VPN endpoint. Where do the VPN clients get firewalled?

I've got this ASA in front of a network that I didn't set up. It's been configured with the clicky GUI (the ASDM), not the CLI, but I'm willing to use the CLI if it makes more sense. One of the ...
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3DES vs DES for VPN connections

I'm trying to get Android 2.1 phones to connect to our corporate VPN, but it would appear they only support DES rather than 3DES for encryption. Is it safe to use DES, am I going to get hacked if I ...
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What's are the advantages of L2TP/IPSEC over plain IPSEC?

As the title says, my firewall (Sonicwall) can do either IPSEC or L2TP/IPSEC for VPN connections. One advantage of L2TP/IPSEC I can see is that the client computer get allocated its own IP address on ...
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Is L2TP as secure as IPSEC for VPNs?

Is it as secure to use L2TP for VPN access, rather than IPSEC? Am I introducing any risks by using L2TP?
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What is the difference in security between a VPN- and a SSL-connection?

I would like to design a client-server application where the server is placed on Internet. I assume that I could set up the client-server connection using VPN (is it using IPSec?) or using a SSL ...
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IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) facts

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a successor of the ISO standard Network Layer Security Protocol (NLSP). What are the advantages, disadvantages, other interesting facts regarding the protocol?
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