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Recent attacks and vulnerabilities [closed]

How can I be up to date and get news on recent attacks and vulnerabilities? Is there any trusted source of information (websites, databases, ...)
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Do companies shop for 0-days on black markets to fix them?

Is it known for software development companies to shop for 0-day vulnerabilities on black markets in order to burn them? Microeconomics tell me "no", as some sources claim that 0-days are short in ...
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How to justify a Vulnerability Research function at a company

From a business standpoint, how would you express the need for a vulnerability research team? In the end, would it be infeasible from a business standpoint unless said business chalked it up as a ...
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Is there an estimation of the number of zero-days out there?

A zero day vulnerability refers to a hole in software that is unknown to the vendor. Since, zero day vulnerabilities are unknown can any estimation of amounts be made? What are possible scenarios to ...
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Is there a practical way to identify security vulnerabilities that were published following a full disclosure policy?

I am conducting a study about the different vulnerability disclosure policies in an effort to determine how long it takes for a given vendor to issue a fix/patch, depending on how a given ...
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What does "exploit price" on means?

I was checking, and they state in one of the boxes: Top vulnerabilities with the highest current exploit price of the current month. The evaluation happens multiple times per day. What ...
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What information to provide when submitting a vulnerability report to a bounty program?

After finding a vulnerability in a program, one can submit it to a bounty program, such as ZDI. According to ZDI's website, they will examine the vulnerability and possibly offers a bounty. If the ...
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Tell and sell a (web app) vulnerability legally

If someone discover an unknown vulnerability for a given online service or website, is there a decent way to sell it directly to the concerned entity.
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Vulnerability scanner shows SQL errors were disclosed.How Severe it is?

When I scanned my site for Vulnerabilities I found this error. Various SQL errors were disclosed within the application source code or other files. I have checked for sql injection and confirmed ...
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Ethical approach about corporate website and vulnerabilities [closed]

I like web security and i have academic formation about that. Just for fun I found a website (insurance company) with critical vulnerabilities like xss or sql injection. Now, I obviously will alert ...
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How and where can I best announce an XSS vulnerability in a relatively well-known website?

I'd like advice on how and where to announce an XSS vulnerability (persistent XSS to be exact). My greatest fear is the announcement getting snowed under, thus rendering the disclosure ineffective in ...
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What are the likely effects of increased government spending on "Cyber Weapons" on the software industry?

From the conference scene and news this year it seems probable that there's an increased amount of spending from governmental agencies on what it getting termed "Cyber Weapons". A key component of ...
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Encouraging security researchers to disclose vulnerabilities

What are approaches to forming solid relationships with security researchers? For example, is publishing a public PGP key on the "contact us" page of a company's website for high levels of risk ...
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Ethics and economy in security research

How can we design a market for information disclosure where individual security researchers may benefit economically in an ethical way? Assume a market where the participants are governments, ...
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Progress in market approaches to software vulnerability disclosure?

In A Comparison of Market Approaches to Software Vulnerability Disclosure (2006), Rainer Böhme describes the profound role of economic "market failure" in the industry dynamics that hinder ...
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