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The act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer, smartphone or personal digital assistant.

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How to set up my machine for Wi-Fi penetration testing correctly? [closed]

I was trying to learn how to attack Wi-Fi encryption protocols and ran into a HUGE amount of different problems. I am pretty frustrated right now, and I would be very grateful if give me some wise ...
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How do WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System) databases have the MAC Addresses of the networks? [closed]

It is known that another way to determine the position is through WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System). This uses the Wi-Fi networks available in the area, if any, to dermine the position. But according to ...
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Is it possible to War Drive for specific Bluetooth devices? What is the range?

Is it possible for someone to remotely/covertly scan for Bluetooth devices? If so, what is the operational range of this scanner? My concern is that a Bluetooth based door lock will emit a signal ...
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Security difference in wardriving open network versus monitoring traffic on a network to which I am authenticated

I have been listening to the CBT nuggets on comptia security+ and there were a few sections on wireless security. A question that occurred to me was: if I am authorized to use a wireless network, and ...
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Does setting a WiFi AP to channel 14 avoid the most common detection methods used in Europe or the Americas?

The legally allowable band for WiFI in the US covers channels 1-11. Europe goes to 13, Japan to 14. I suspect that most tools use the WiFi driver of the machine and only scan for the channels it is ...
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Giskismet query, how to select specific data?

I’m basically trying to get some stats from my war drive kismet database using giskismet but I’m finding it difficult to get specific data. Things I'm trying to do: Count how many wireless BSSID’s ...
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What particular concerns should one bear in mind when wardriving?

I'm considering starting a neighborhood-wide wardrive, with the objective of raising awareness to the risks of running unsecured wireless networks. Right now, I'm still in the planning stages of this ...
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