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Questions tagged [web-assembly]

WebAssembly (or wasm) is a binary instruction format designed to run in a virtual machine in the browser.

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Using API key as public key and IP address as private key to WASM application

I'm trying to offer a service to users that allows them to write Python via pyodide or R code via webR in their browser against my own data. I've been thinking of ways to go about this and I'm curious ...
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Can WebASM provide JavaScript style interactivity without the same vulnerabilities?

JavaScript is useful for interactivity. However, it is often disabled by security conscious browsers, such as the Tor Browser Bundle, and blocked with plugins such as NoScript. I was wondering if it ...
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How secure is it to implement most of the applications functionality using WASM on the client side/ in the browser?

I understand that nothing is perfectly secured. If we have a web app where most of the functionality is done inside the browser using WASM, can someone get the binary of that WASM and use most of its ...
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A runtime sometimes converts string arguments (or string returns) from WTF-16 to UTF-16 between functions in a call stack. Is this a security concern?

Suppose that we have this code (in TypeScript syntax): function one(str: string): string { // do something with the string return str } function two() { let s = getSomeString() // returns some ...
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Does CORS interact with WebAssembly the same way it does with Javascript?

Anyone in the WebAppSec world is familiar with CORS as a mechanism to specify policy for when javascript is allowed to make API calls to different domains. As WebAssembly ("Wasm" - a binary ...
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6 votes
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Web Assembly Security

I'm excited about the prospects of web-assembly for the future, but I'm curious if this will have the same security ramifications of Java Applets. What are some of the reasons why web assembly is ...
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Can WebAssembly execution be disabled in browsers?

I've recently found out about this new technology, which recently became a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation and also that now almost all main browsers support it and it is enabled by default, ...
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