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Questions tagged [web-crypto-api]

The Web Crypto API is a JavaScript standard for cryptographic primitives, allowing web applications to do cryptogarphy in the browser.

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How can Web Crypto API and IndexedDB protect data stored on the client side against user manipulation?

Imagine web apps that are supposed to work with no or only a few interactions with the web server, for example: a browser game in which the player's level and progress are to be saved locally. a game,...
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Can parts of WebCrypto AES-GCM be reused between encryptions

I am trying to better understand the processes involved in e2ee using WebCrypto on the browser. I understand that the only real method to use a passphrase to generate a symmetric key on the browser is ...
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ESP32: Secure WiFi credentials via WebCrypto?

Background information: I am not a computer scientist. However, in a research project I am currently building a ESP32-based sensor. Multiple sensors of this type are going to be used by multiple users....
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