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Windows Hello convenience PIN - stored on device in plain text?

I have received information that, in the case of using the Windows Hello convenience PIN (not Windows Hello for Business), the PIN is stored on the device in plaintext. However, I haven't found any ...
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How exactly is a fingerprint stored in Windows Hello? Why is it claimed to be more secure than a password?

I can't quite imagine a scenario where fingerprints can be stored in a way that defeats the weaknesses of password storage (i.e. pass the hash attacks or password reuse). Moreover, I couldn't quite ...
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How does Windows Hello recognize me with a mask on?

The first time I forgot to take my mask off before using the facial recognition login to my Windows 10 computer, it wouldn't work (which I expected). After a couple times, though, it started logging ...
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Lateral Movement: What is the benefit of Windows Hello For Business?

I work as a security researcher, tonight I implemented Windows Hello For Business in our environment, because it is marketed as the "passwordless way of the future" and I wanted to see if it holds up ...
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How does Window Hello protect against brute forcing?

With my Windows 10 computer, I have the option to set up a PIN with Windows Hello (I believe it's with that program). My normal Outlook password is 15+ characters mixed with upper case and lower case ...
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What are the security risks of USB fingerprint scanners in Windows 10?

Hi I have a Lenovo laptop encrypted with Bitlocker, which I also use a fingerprint scanner with. Bear in mind I'm not working with super-secure information, more the level that a developer/manager for ...
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Managing security of a desktop/mobile app

I'm working on an app that stores sensitive data (think of it as a password locker) for the UWP (Universal Windows Platform). The most important requirement is the ability to roam the data between ...
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