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Related to security concerns specific to the Microsoft Windows operating system itself. For security of applications that happen to be running on Windows, please use [appsec]. For the X Window System, please use [x11].

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Windows hardening [closed]

Can anyone point me at some good resources on Windows hardening? From 2003 upwards.
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How can TOCTTOU vulnerabilities within the Windows OS be mitigated?

What are some ways to mitigate the time-of-check-to-time-of-use issues that apply to Windows permissions? Example: End-user is added to the local Administrators group in order to install software, ...
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How can I enumerate all the saved RSA keys in the Microsoft CSP?

I have an application that is creating several keys and storing them in various stores (in this case the Machine store). How can I enumerate all the keys on a given Windows system? ...
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Windows mandatory access control: How to remove “mandatory level” label from the file?

How to remove "mandatory level" label from the file? I have two files, for the first one icacls returns Mandatory Label\Medium Mandatory Level:(NW) for the second icacls doesn't return ...
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12 votes
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Prevent acccess to the C drive on Windows systems

Is it possible to prevent regular users from accessing the C drive via Windows Explorer? they should be allowed to execute certain programs. This is to ensure that employees cannot steal or copy out ...
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Any good free SSL proxy on windows? [closed]

I'm looking for SSL proxy capable of dumping requests. I want to test custom browser against SSL-MITM attacks. I'm able to re-route all traffic ongoing from browser to machine with proxy. ...
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Protecting an IIS web site hosted at home

My case is I just registered at to get a domain for a website I am staging on my home computer (I know it's not considered good to do so). But the website is not big, and I don't expect to ...
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A firewall without any extra features [closed]

I have Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) installed on my system. I always keep it disabled, yet using a few practices, I kept my system virus free for years: I disabled autorun using these tricks; I ...
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Are Windows security updates audited?

An IT guy said that in his company, the Windows updates (small security updates that are downloaded automatically by the Windows autoupdate) are checked by the auditor. ie: the auditor checks if every ...
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What criteria do you use for evaluating Client-Side / Endpoint security products?

What features are important to you in client-side AV and Firewall products? Who benefits from these features? Managment, the end user, helpdesk. Are there features that are being 'sold' by the ...
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What security requirements do you have for Domain Administrators?

With regard to managing a Windows network, what security polices and processes do you use? For example Do you require/support Smart Card Authentication? Restrict logins from a particular workstation? ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What features do you look for in an Enterprise Log Management solution?

This question is for IT Pros, and people who manage a company's infrastructure. Developers should see this related answer for tools geared for them. What are your requirements for such a Event Log ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Strategy against browser exploits on Windows?

On a friend's computer is some kind of spam bot installed. It sends messages like Hello: I received my apple iPad 32GB ordered on an online shop ( ) today. So exciting , ...
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How is UAC a security improvement?

What does User Account Control on Windows offer in terms of security? It's just an extra click to potentially run a virus.
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Is it secure to connect to a remote Windows Server using Remote Desktop only?

I have a Windows Server that I login to from my home. I only use the pre-installed Remote Desktop. Is this a secure way to remote login or should I improve it in some way? If I should improve it, ...
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