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Wire is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application.

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Is packet sniffing or other manipulation possible at a DSL or cable wire between my modem and the ISP?

Can a DSL or cable wire between my modem and the ISP be manipulated in any way at the hardware level to sniff the traffic data? For example by neighbours with physical access to the wires in a big ...
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Does Wire encrypt data-at-rest in their apps?

Does Wire employ encryption of data at rest? I generally consider Signal and Wire to be the best tools today for sending information privately between two parties. Both meet the marks on crypto, open-...
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Security standard that requires network cables to be visible for inspection

I recently worked for a customer that showed me that all their network cables are visible. Indeed, cables were never drawn inside walls, conduits or trunks. Instead, they were "hung" on poles close to ...
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Are restrictive same origin policies necessary?

The question is for the security community to resolve some misunderstandings here. The crux: Company (Wire) has a client ( and a server code (e.g. ). CORS ...
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How to implement end to end encryption in multi platform messengers [closed]

AFAIK, end to end encryption (E2EE) initiates on one device (one platform e.g. android), message reaches the destination and decrypts there. So other devices of mine (like iOS or web client) don't ...
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Wire vs Threema

Background Is the Wire messaging app secure? is the only question I find on Wire here. I am helping a group (non-technical, non-business) to decide on whether to use Wire or Threema for event ...
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