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Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables (in ELF format) natively on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 and up.

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Does adding a new user (instead of just using root) help WSL2 security?

Does adding a non-root user do anything except hinder your own ability to make mistakes? Given the new updates on file perms in WSL2 (docs on file perms, more docs), doing everything as root on linux ...
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Is WSL 2 secure for commercial work?

Windows Subsystem for Linux (version 2) is getting more and more traction lately with new features being added such as GUI mode over Wayland (WSLg). It seems to me Microsoft really pushes for WSL ...
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Does Microsoft implement "Windows Defender"-like security for WSL 2 instances?

I'm not certain whether WSL 2 instances, running in Hyper-V, are actually scanned by Windows Defender. I have found some articles on Google describing Window Defender's performance impact on WSL, but ...
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Does Kali installed through WSL respect my privacy?

When installing Kali from Microsoft Store, I wasn't prompted with a user agreement license. Is Microsoft able to monitor my applications? How safe is it to use WSL in that context? (From privacy ...
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How should I install Kali Linux on my Windows 10?

I'm using Windows 10. I found several ways to install Kali Linux on Win10: Install it on VMWare Install it on Docker Install it on Linux subsystem (WSL) I might need to access some files in my ...
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Should a windows IT shop have concerns about enabling WSL for users?

I work in a place that only supports windows, and the folks in charge of IT are (1) very conservative, and (2) not at the bleeding edge of their profession. I want the Windows Subsystem for Linux (...
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Does Windows Subsystem for Linux provide additional security (VM-like isolation) over running native Windows programs?

On a Windows 10 machine, is it safer to run the Linux version of a browser using Windows Subsystem for Linux instead of running the Windows version? I'm asking because I've read the Wikipedia article ...
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