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XML-RPC is an XML-based protocol for invoking procedures on a server.

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How do I verify the supported ciphersuites of a TLS server that only accepts POST requests?

I'm currently trying to get a bidirectional TLS 1.2 connection working between 2 local Karaf-based XMLRPC servers that by design only accept POST requests. The environment is Windows 10 and both ...
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Why might I want to remove the wlwmanifest.xml file in WordPress?

Often when I find resources about XML-RPC vulnerabilities with respect to the xmlrpc.php file commonly found exposed on WordPress sites, I find alongside the recommendation to remove or block the ...
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Metasploit. Is always replacing domain names with resolved ips on RHOST/RHOSTS?

There is a website which I want to audit. That site must have a concrete Virtualhost configuration because if you access to it using the domain name the website is shown, but if you use the ip address ...