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Questions tagged [xmpp]

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a communications protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML.

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Does an SSL certificate have to cover the server hostnames returned by an SRV lookup on the domain?

I have XMPP service running on the domain The XMPP service runs on two back-end servers, and Clients find out about these servers by an SRV DNS ...
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What are the security implications of using local-link XMPP on an untrusted network?

I'd like to setup XMPP local-link messaging (Bonjour) on my laptop for use at home. However, I'm concerned about ensuring this is not leaking any information when I connect to an untrusted network. ...
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Encryption of calls and files in XMPP

I use Conversations, and my interlocutor is Monal (or another application for iOS (you can tell which is better)). I plan to use OMEMO for encryption. Are files and photos encrypted or not? Are calls ...
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XMPP authentication bruteforce with hashcat

This question is about how efficient it is to bruteforce SASL authentication in the XMPP protocol. I read the XMPP SASL authentication steps (stackoverflow link in case the first one breaks), and ...
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Forward secrecy (plausible deniability) and storing messages

How do messengers, like signal or XMPP-omemo messengers, store their messages? Since the session key is only valid for the current session, how can such extensions like MAM (message archiving on XMPP ...
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What information can be seen when I'm using SRTP via XMPP?

Just as the title goes, basically what data/information can be tracked when using SRTP via XMPP? As client I'm using Jitsi. If things works in some aspects similar to HTTPS, I guess that maybe it ...
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Does ZRTP provide useful protection, given that the SAS is not verified?

Firstly, some important backstory. I'm producing a corporate version of an IM/VOIP/Screensharing client using the Open Source Jitsi. We are going to be using a central server and have already ...
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