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OWASP Zed Attack Proxy is a free and collaborative security tool. It is is devoted to the detection of vulnerabilities in web applications, for both beginners and professionals of application security

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Why are HTTPS requests blocked by Firefox when using ZAP proxy?

I have Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) on my machine and my browser is Firefox. When I route the browser traffic through the ZAP proxy (using FoxyProxy), if it's HTTPS traffic, Firefox says "Your connection is ...
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Adding Payload to URL-based SQL Injection: Seeking Guidance and Best Practices

I recently performed a vulnerability assessment on a system using ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) and received a finding indicating a likely SQL injection vulnerability. The query time is controllable using ...
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How to supply HTTP Basic Authentication details in OWASP ZAP proxy?

I am using Basic HTTP Authentication to log into my Web Application. The credentials are Base64 encoded and sent to the Server. OWASP ZAP Proxy is intercepting the request and I can see the ...
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OWASP ZAP FUZZ functionality not highlighted

I am a beginner with ZAP. I am trying to use FUZZ logic for the passwords. But I can see that option when I click on the password at the request table but I am not able to click on it, as it is faint ...
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False positive SQL Injection by ZAP with adding new parameter query

I have a spring MVC web application and am running ZAP Active scan on it. I noticed that ZAP will modify URL , and add additional parameter named query and value query+AND+1%3D1+--+ to test SQL ...
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How strict should I be in rejecting unexpected query parameters?

TL;DR Is it a "best practice" to return an HTTP 400 Bad Request response if extra parameters are sent with a request? I'm putting together a web app and doings some testing with OWASP ZAP. I'm pretty ...
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