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How does SSL/TLS work?

How does SSL work? I just realised we don't actually have a definitive answer here, and it's something worth covering. I'd like to see details in terms of: A high level description of the protocol. ...
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XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

How accurate is this XKCD comic from August 10, 2011? I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people (at least the ones that I've talked to) are against ...
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How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the database,...
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What technical reasons are there to have low maximum password lengths?

I have always wondered why so many websites have very firm restrictions on password length (exactly 8 characters, up to 8 characters, etc). These tend to be banks or other sites where I actually care ...
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Do any security experts recommend bcrypt for password storage?

On the surface bcrypt, an 11 year old security algorithm designed for hashing passwords by Niels Provos and David Mazieres, which is based on the initialization function used in the NIST approved ...
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How to store salt?

If you expect to store user password securely, you need to do at least the following: $pwd=hash(hash($password) + salt) Then, you store $pwd in your system instead of the real password. I have seen ...
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How does changing your password every 90 days increase security?

Where I work I'm forced to change my password every 90 days. This security measure has been in place in many organizations for as long as I can remember. Is there a specific security vulnerability ...
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What's the difference between SSL, TLS, and HTTPS?

I get confused with the terms in this area. What is SSL, TLS, and HTTPS? What are the differences between them?
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How can I explain SQL injection without technical jargon?

I need to explain SQL injection to someone without technical training or experience. Can you suggest any approaches that have worked well?
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Why can I log in to my Facebook account with a misspelled email/password?

I've been playing around with different login forms online lately to see how they work. One of them was the Facebook login form. When I logged out of my account my email and password were ...
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Is my developer's home-brew password security right or wrong, and why?

A developer, let's call him 'Dave', insists on using home-brew scripts for password security. See Dave's proposal below. His team spent months adopting an industry standard protocol using Bcrypt. ...
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Police forcing me to install Jingwang spyware app, how to minimize impact?

Chinese police are forcing whole cities to install an Android spyware app Jingwang Weishi. They are stopping people in the street and detaining those who refuse to install it. Knowing that I may be ...
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RSA vs. DSA for SSH authentication keys

When generating SSH authentication keys on a Unix/Linux system with ssh-keygen, you're given the choice of creating a RSA or DSA key pair (using -t type). What is the difference between RSA and DSA ...
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Are passwords stored in memory safe?

I just realized that, in any language, when you save a password in a variable, it is stored as plain text in the memory. I think the OS does its job and forbids processes from accessing each other's ...
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Is it bad practice to use your real name online?

On some accounts I use my real name on-line (Google+/Facebook/Wikipedia/personal blog), others (Q&A/Gaming) I use an alias. My question is: Security and privacy wise, what can people do with my ...
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Is BASIC-Auth secure if done over HTTPS?

I'm making a REST-API and it's straight forward to do BASIC auth login. Then let HTTPS secure the connection so the password is protected when the api is used. Can this be considered secure?
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Why is 'Bearer' required before the token in 'Authorization' header in a HTTP request?

What exactly is the difference between following two headers: Authorization : Bearer cn389ncoiwuencr vs Authorization : cn389ncoiwuencr All the sources which I have gone through, sets ...
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How is it possible that people observing an HTTPS connection being established wouldn't know how to decrypt it?

I've often heard it said that if you're logging in to a website - a bank, GMail, whatever - via HTTPS, that the information you transmit is safe from snooping by 3rd parties. I've always been a little ...
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What is certificate pinning?

I'm superficially familiar with SSL and what certs do. Recently I saw some discussion on cert pinning but there wasn't a definition. A DDG search didn't turn up anything useful. What is certificate ...
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I found that the company I work for is putting a backdoor into mobile phones

I have found out recently that the remote assistant software that we put in a smartphone we sell can be activated by us without user approval. We are not using this option, and it is probably there ...
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How to find live hosts on my network?

I am trying to find the live hosts on my network using nmap. I am scanning the network in Ubuntu using the command sudo nmap -sP However, I am unable to find the live hosts. I just get ...
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Should I let my child's school have access to my kid's personal laptop?

My kid is starting 6th grade and the school requires him to get a laptop and bring it to school. Now the school IT department wants to install some software on the laptop and is asking for ...
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SQL injection is 17 years old. Why is it still around?

I'm no techie and would like your expertise in understanding this. I recently read a detailed article on SQLi for a research paper. It strikes me as odd. Why do so many data breaches still happen ...
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Is Docker more secure than VMs or bare metal?

I recently had a discussion with a Docker expert about the security of Docker vs. virtual machines. When I told that I've read from different sources that it's easier for code running within a Docker ...
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CRIME - How to beat the BEAST successor?

With the advent of CRIME, BEAST's successor, what possible protection is available for an individual and/or system owner in order to protect themselves and their users against this new attack on TLS?
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Is it normal for auditors to require all company passwords?

My company is currently engaged in a security audit framed as a pentest. They've requested all admin passwords for every one of our services and all source code of our software. They want logins for ...
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Provide subjectAltName to openssl directly on the command line

Is it possible to provide a subjectAltName-Extension to the openssl req module directly on the command line? I know it's possible via a openssl.cnf file, but that's not really elegant for batch-...
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Why is Gbt3fC79ZmMEFUFJ a weak password?

On, it says Examples of weak passwords: qwert12345, Gbt3fC79ZmMEFUFJ, 1234567890, 987654321, nortonpassword The first, third, and fourth examples are obviously weak....
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How can someone go off-web, and anonymise themselves after a life online?

With data mining tools like Maltego and other correlation tools for large data sets, if we conduct any transactions online assume that these can all be collated to build a good picture of what we do, ...
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"Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange" in plain English

Can someone explain what the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm in plain English? I have read that Twitter has implemented this technology which allows two parties to exchange encrypted messages on ...
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What's the rationale behind Ctrl-Alt-Del for login

Why is Ctrl+Alt+Del required at login on certain Windows systems (I have not seen it elsewhere, but contradict me if I'm wrong) before the password can be typed in? From a usability point of view, it'...
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How does Google know where I am?

Whenever I open the Google Maps app on my Android mobile phone, Google always seems to know my location, and it is very accurate (usually it places me on the map even in the correct room). Also, this ...
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Why shouldn't we roll our own?

Why shouldn't we create our own security schemes? I see a lot of questions around here about custom crypto and custom security mechanisms, especially around password hashing. With that in mind, I'm ...
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What are ssh-keygen best practices?

Most users would simply type ssh-keygen and accept what they're given by default. But what are the best practices for generating ssh keys with ssh-keygen? For example: Use -o for the OpenSSH key ...
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How did "tech-supportcenter" phishers trick Google?

Related: Is the Web browser status bar always trustable? How can Google search change the location in a URL tooltip? I've always thought you can "hover" over a link to see where it really goes, ...
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Should I use CSRF protection on Rest API endpoints?

Quick note: this is not a duplicate of CSRF protection with custom headers (and without validating token) despite some overlap. That post discusses how to perform CSRF protection on Rest endpoints ...
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Password Hashing: add salt + pepper or is salt enough?

Please Note: I'm aware that the proper method for secure password storage hashing is either scrypt or bcrypt. This question isn't for implementation in actual software, it's for my own understanding. ...
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How does Google Authenticator work?

Google Authenticator is an alternative to SMS for 2Step verification, installing an app on Android where the codes will be sent. It works without any connectivity; it even works on plane mode. This ...
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How do certification authorities store their private root keys?

Knowledge of a CA private key would allow MitM attackers to transparently supplant any certificates signed by that private key. It would also allow cyber criminals to start forging their own trusted ...
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How to explain Heartbleed without technical terms?

Most of my friends who are not experienced in computers want to know what Heartbleed is and how it works. How would one explain Heartbleed to someone without a technical background?
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Why are hash functions one way? If I know the algorithm, why can't I calculate the input from it?

Why can't a password hash be reverse engineered? I've looked into this ages ago and have read lots on it, but I can't find the explanation of why it can't be done. An example will make it easier to ...
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Why are salted hashes more secure for password storage?

I know there are many discussions on salted hashes, and I understand that the purpose is to make it impossible to build a rainbow table of all possible hashes (generally up to 7 characters). My ...
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5 answers

Consequences of the WPA2 KRACK attack

Today new research was published on vulnerabilities in wireless network security called Krack. What are the real-world consequences of these attacks for users and owners of wireless networks, what ...
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Is the save button delay in a Firefox download dialog a security feature? What does it protect?

When I click to download a file through Firefox, a dialog window appears asking me whether I want to save the file somewhere or open it immediately once downloaded. The OK button in the dialog window ...
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What is the difference between authorized_keys and known_hosts file for SSH?

I am learning the basics of SSH protocol. I am confused between the contents of the following 2 files: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys: Holds a list of authorized public keys for servers. When the client ...
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Can ads on a page read my password?

Disclaimer: I have minimal web-dev/security knowledge so please answer as if talking to a "layman." I've heard that web-advertisements need to be able to run their own JavaScript so that they can ...
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How is the "WannaCry" Malware spreading and how should users defend themselves from it?

There's a new strain of attacks which is affecting a lot of systems around the world (including the NHS in the UK and Telefonica in Spain) which is being called "WannaCry" amongst other names. It ...
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SSL3 "POODLE" Vulnerability

Canonical question regarding the recently disclosed padding oracle vulnerability in SSL v3. Other identical or significantly similar questions should be closed as a duplicate of this one. What is the ...
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My college is forcing me to install their SSL certificate. How to protect my privacy?

My college administration is forcing us to install Cyberoam Firewall SSL certificate so that they can view all the encrypted traffic to "improve our security". If I don't install the certificate than ...
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Passwords being sent in clear text due to users' mistake in typing it in the username field

Upon reviewing the Logs generated by different SIEMs (Splunk, HP Logger Trial and the AlienVault platform’s SIEM) I noticed that for some reason quite a few users tend to make the mistake of typing ...
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