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Wrong user or IP in High Sierra terminal

When reinstalling MacOS High Sierra, setting root user password I have noticed strange line dsl-201-101-1-179-sta: before my admin username user$.

I Googled and found references to WannaCry ransomware, for instance this. Other references showed IP with Mexican DSL provider dsl-201-100-226-146-sta.prod-empresarial.com.mx.

I am really not sure how it came to be but it does not matter how many times I reinstall my Mac. After a while this comes up in my terminal. I have never used Windows on this computer and it was wiped securely through disk utility before fresh install many times.

Last login: Sat Mar 10 13:13:20 on ttys000
dsl-201-101-1-179-sta:~ user$ lsof -i | grep LISTEN

rapportd   258 user    3u  IPv4 0x6ee1327a4ca5e447      0t0  TCP *:49169 (LISTEN)

rapportd   258 user    4u  IPv6 0x6ee1327a4cb40e3f      0t0  TCP *:49169 (LISTEN)