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Can a VM be used as a home computer?

Our old computer is getting replaced, and I want to secure the new computer right from the get go. So I figured if I install something like VirtualBox first thing, I could then create one very powerful VM for my family to use.

My old computer was plagued with viruses and trojans and rootkits that i couldn't pull out of the hardware, and I didn't want it to happen again to the fresh PC hardware. My thinking was, that if something went horribly wrong with the VM, I could just restore a backup of the VM. In that way, the PC's hardware is spared.

Is this a viable security measure?


So, I know that the resulting VM will be weaker than the actual computer. I am betting on the fact that the host will be healthy/not crippled by malware to make up for the loss. I'm not the only one who will be using the computer, and the rest that would use it are casual users/unsafe on the internet. So, the computer will almost certainly be compromised.

By having all the users use the VM, I am hoping to preserve the strength of host; as in, keep the malware on the guest. If I restore the VM to its clean form, I can wipe out the malware no? I am meaning to keep the host clean.