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An attempt to exploit a weakness in a system, either for nefarious or research reasons. Questions with this tag should be about designing, carrying out, or defending against the attack itself, rather than about the underlying weakness.

Yes, there's definitely a good chance that occurrence of faults in a system increase in case of attacks and compromised systems. On a compromised system you may have any or even all of the following …
answered Mar 11 by Overmind
Could be anything from referral stuff to password steal. %68%74%74%70%3A%2F%2F%63%32%36%34%2E%72%75" translate from hex as . From there, anything can run further (scripts, etc).
answered Apr 14 '17 by Overmind
It is not an attack, it's probing. Just like e-mail servers are probed to be later used as relays in an attack, this is just recon. Some types of attacks (about 5000 known ones) require the HTTP … Response option to be enabled on target servers so the attacks can proceed. Since you don't even use php, if all requests are php-related, there's no danger for them getting anything. Usually, as a good practice, I block these IPs in the Firewall anyway, even they do no pose no direct threat. …
answered Mar 14 by Overmind
Security is not reduced if you change the weak password with a strong password compared to using a strong password in the first place. Both weak and strong passwords unlock your volume/container key …
answered Jul 25 '18 by Overmind
Assumption 1) is incorrect. Using the password on an 7Z, RAR, ACE or a lot of older archivers allows you access to the file 'tree'. You will still have to extract (decrypt) each file if you want to ac …
answered Nov 24 '16 by Overmind