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Specific to the security of passwords: hashing, entropy, cracking, resets, lockouts, etc.

With it, you can add a linear hardness to the dictionary attacks. I.e. appling a complex salting algorithm, you can make the computation need of the dictionary attacks n-times larger. For example, you …
answered Feb 7 '17 by peterh says reinstate Monica
second is "orange", then the Hits("apple")*Hits("orange")/Hits("apple", "orange")^2 had to be below an experimental limit set by you). But beware: don't execute queries containing the passwords into … maybe big) I created for the two passwords to compare to the their nearest wikipedia article title (it needed probably a massive levenshtein comparation, so you will need a lot of cpu) Finally I used the …
answered Dec 15 '14 by peterh says reinstate Monica
I am thinking on a system, which measures the complexity of a password not based on its entropy or compressibility, but with a simply sophisticated method. The measurement of the entropy/compressibil …
asked May 16 '14 by peterh says reinstate Monica
Warning: there are serious security problems sending passwords out of your direct network, especially to google. Do it only if somehow it is not a problem for you! (F.e. you are working in an … passwords passed his test, soon can be measured by a relative simple entropy-based examination, or by a minimal Levenshtein-distance calculation by the wikipedia article titles (here is my idea about this topic). …
answered Jan 17 '15 by peterh says reinstate Monica
. It means, that pwgen is probably quite sophistically tuned also for the high entropy, and not only to produce easily pronouncable passwords. …
answered Apr 9 '17 by peterh says reinstate Monica
daily practice. The daily practice is to not allowing physical access to anybody to your client machine. If they have access, they can access much more than only your ssh keys/passwords. About Kitty … The same stays for Kitty. It might not keep cleartext password or keys in the registry, but it still needs to get somehow access to your passwords/keys. Even if it store on a lesser public way, what …
answered Oct 13 by peterh says reinstate Monica