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The National Security Agency (NSA) is a United States intelligence organization

If some three-letter agency is after you, personally, then you are doomed. They already put a microphone in your home, maybe even a video camera with a good view on your screen and keyboard. If the s …
answered Apr 10 '14 by Thomas Pornin
How do you know that ole' Bruce Schneier was not covertly paid by the NSA to inject weaknesses in his designs ? If you take the paranoid stance that NSA is powerful, aims at making encryption … matter, it would make more sense to believe that the AES itself, i.e. Rijndael, is "unmodified by NSA", for the basic reason that the Rijndael authors are not American, and thus less susceptible to NSA
answered Oct 6 '13 by Thomas Pornin
There is nothing in the "Snowden revelations" which even hints at any special NSA ability at breaking RSA. Even taking all that Snowden says as gospel, NSA is still at the same point as everybody … , when NSA "breaks SSL", they do it sensibly, i.e. not by punching through the cryptography upfront. Instead, they bribe the hosting sites to put spying hooks directly on the clear data, SSL …
answered Mar 26 '14 by Thomas Pornin
A PRNG which lacks reseeding, prediction resistance, or whatever these people mean by "continuous testing", is not a PRNG. Not in cryptographic terms. Conversely, a good PRNG, like HMAC_DRBG, will be …
answered Sep 24 '13 by Thomas Pornin
FPKI root, and mock Obama on Twitter. Pushing your own root CA in the "trusted store" of your victims is not an adequate way to spy on people without them noticing. Although it is a government agency, the NSA as a whole is usually not that stupid. …
answered Oct 20 '14 by Thomas Pornin
SSL actually occurs, then the MitM can certainly block it and maintain the illusion of a non-SSL Google server. In any case, for a big US governmental agency like the NSA, enlisting the help of some … , e.g. for a connection from a non-US country to a non-US-based Google server. Therefore, I find it implausible that enabling HTTPS would really be relevant to purported spying from NSA. "HTTPS for …
answered Sep 30 '13 by Thomas Pornin
The NSA is a composite organization, that comprises several sub-entities called "directorates" with various scopes and goals. The NSA, as a whole, is supposed to have a multitude of roles; its signal … intelligence role (often abbreviated as SIGINT, i.e. spying) is the one most people talk about, and is supposed to be handled by the SID (as "Signal Intelligence Directorate"). However, NSA is also …
answered Oct 26 '15 by Thomas Pornin