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A file is nothing but a set of bytes (or 0s and 1s) that a certain program (a file itself) knows how to read and possibly edit. While a program runs (process), it interacts with the kernel of the operating system and, through it, devices such as CPU, RAM, disks. If it runs on a VM, there are additional interactions with the hypervisor (KVM, ESX, Virtualbox, ...


It could be a False Positive. You can mark the alert as such, just double click it and set Confidence to False Positive. If you're seeing it a lot you could go into the Scan Policy and disable that one scan rule. You could also grab the Alert Filters addon and use it to tweak things. Lastly ZAP is Open Source so you could always check the source of the ...


There is a detailed comparison sheet for several .Net obfuscator tools. This sheet can give an idea about the difficulty to break/reverse the corresponding tool. Screenshoot taken from

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