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Whilst very similar, the base station's BSSID isn't the same as its MAC address. What you observe on your wireless scanning and deauth attacks are BSSIDs which correspond to individual SSIDs, usually very similar to the interface's MAC address only incremented by one per SSID *:8D, *:8E, ... Notice that each radio on a base station is its own interface, so ...


Since I don't have enough "reputation" I cannot comment, but as Aero Wang's answer, you need to download cuda lib and recompile aircrack, I did this many years ago trying on a Nvidia Quattro, the aircrack-ng cuda runs very fast, if I remember well I could get 30000 passwords/sec instead of 5000/sec on a Xeon. But lately I try hashcat and it is better as ...


Evil twin attacks are still possible. Deauth is only one of the things that can be used in evil twin attacks, are not the most crucial. Maybe the client's WiFi is turned off, then when it is turned on, it sees the evil twin. It may try to authenticate with, and associate with, the evil twin. Even though there has been no deauth attack done on the client.

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