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Functionalities: Secure app must have a lock mechanism while opening: passcode, fingerprint, etc. I, in no way, consider an app "safe" if it does not have a lock mechanism because unlocking your phone just for regular things (browsing internet, doing whatever) shouldn't also open the door for the 2FA app. It should have a separate lock mechanism, ...


It turned out to not be a certificate pinning issue but a problem with the self-installed certificates. Since Android Nougat, apps seem to no longer trust user certificates by default (article for reference). So the solution was the Magisk module AlwaysTrustUserCerts, which made it possible to turn the self-installed Burp certificate into a system ...


These folders are downloaded from time to time, for me I disable data connection for download app (from setting-apps-all apps-download). I know it is hassle as you have to turn back on every time you want to download something but at least you are free from those annoying folders/files.


On Android 6 and below the system trusted user certificates, but as you say on newer android versions user certificates are not trusted in general. What you need to do is to install the burp certificate as a root certificate. To do this the certificate must be in the correct format and have the correct name. Assuming you have the burp certificate at hand ...

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