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It is the common balance between ease of use and security. The most secure system I can imagine is a switched off system inside a physical safe in secured room in a strong building, with armed guards around. But to access it, you have to physicaly enter the building, go to the secure room, tell the guards why you are there, open the safe, switch the system ...


A dictionary attack is usually carried out offline, not against an online website, for exactly the reason you raise. It requires that the password database be compromised and available for offline attacks. A password spray attack is more common for online resources. With a password spray, a small number of passwords are tested against a large number of ...


You raised some valid points: Dictionary attacks are inefficient - Correct, yet they are used for a reason. Remember, the most basic attack is a shear Brute-Force attack, where the attacker has no knowledge of the credentials in use. Dictionary attacks are therefore more efficient as the attacker have some knowledge of the credentials in use (e.g. password ...


Get your own domain (I'll use as an example). Create the subdomain Setup to redirect to wherever you really want to redirect the user to. Done.

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