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I'm testing an app that uses only v4 UUIDs as a cookie for authentication. What are some attacks I can try?

A correctly generated v4 UUID is always cryptographically random, that's in the spec. Verifying this, short of looking at the source code, is difficult. There are tests you can run (e.g. Burp Suite's &...
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Is there any type of cyber attack for which the geographical distance between the attacker and the target matters?

You are narrowing your scope down to attacks over the Internet, but the cyberspace is not that limited. Take a look at the definitions from, e.g., NIST SP 800-39: Cyber Attack An attack, via ...
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Friend's Instagram account repeatedly hacked despite changing all information and enabling 2FA

I've been having this same issue: my problem wasn't so much getting back into the account it was more so that the hacker could always just lock me out again. Last night I tried steps from a video I ...
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Host header injection attack with Spring boot embedded tomcat

This is an Old question. But adding an answer as Spring has added support for whitelisting in Spring security 4.2.17 and 5.2. This might be useful for others. In the security config: @Override ...
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