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Should order numbers be guessable?

In addition to the answer by Gh0stFish, although this is not primarily a security issue, it's also worth noting that your mechanism has a very high probability of generating collisions (i.e. 2 orders ...
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Should order numbers be guessable?

I would advise against your system, also. The importance of unique order numbers in an e-commerce environment has not changed. I am no security expert but can spot several instances of where having ...
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Should order numbers be guessable?

It depends whether you're ever relying on the order number being secret. For instance, do you use it as part of the authentication process if a user contacts your customer service, or do you display ...
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Should order numbers be guessable?

This led to curiosity, is an order number that important as it was years ago where it must be unique? What could be compromised and how? What could bots achieve as they can't make payments? The ...
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Unusual GET Request

You could always set up rules for the server to always refuse incoming requests to your server, or, as you mentioned, you want to set up a honeypot you could use a proxy or some sort of application-...
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