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The cost is not from the vulnerability but from the risk. Namely: A vulnerability is that which can potentially be exploited to put at risk your information assets (e.g. a buffer overflow). A threat is a context element which will try to snoop on or damage your information assets (e.g. an existing group of attackers who would benefit from such actions in ...


tl/dr: Passwords are like old food: when in doubt, throw them out. If you're worried just change your password. 3rd Party Financial Services First some background: the banking industry can, unfortunately, be a bit behind the times in this area. As a general rule of thumb there isn't yet a great way (at least in the US) for 3rd party financial services (...


Compliance and regulations which are show stoppers to a business operation. Past incidents of security issues.


TP-Link Adapter -- NOTE YOU NEED VERSION 1, NOT VERSION 2-- Make sure to check what is being sold. Version 1 has a different chipset that allows scanning, monitor mode, deauth's etc. BHIS Wifi travel kit specs: - in which they show the adapters they use on a regular basis. Usually Alfa Adapters Take a look at Alfa Adapters.


I know this is old, but I still found it on Google while searching, so here is my opinion: Today there's multiple bug bounty programs, in which, for obvious reasons, they need to measure the weight of the information and data that they receive from the ethical hackers and provide to their customers. As we all know, information is a difficult asset to ...


Pinning a cost on an exploit is usually going to involve (many) meetings with business users and in the end it's just an educated guess. You might be able to estimate the cost of a 4 hour business disruption due to a denial of service attack however for something like a website defacement you would have to have a chat with management and/or public relations ...

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