CISSP is an abreviation for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a certification offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, AKA: (ISC)^2.

The CISSP is a widely recognized certification in the IT Security industry. Its requirements include:

  • Five years of security experience in relevant job roles.
    • One year may be waived for having a four-year college degree, MS in information security, or certain other certifications.
    • Candidates who do not meet this requirement may be certified as an "Associate of (ISC)2" for until they obtain the experience, up to six years.
  • Acceptance of CISSP Code of Ethics.
  • Potential audit of qualifications.
  • Completion of an exam, with an acceptable score.
  • Endorsement by a member of (ISC)2 who is in good standing.