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Here's a code that shouldn't throw an error no matter what the database contains : SELECT 'foo' AS bar If it return something like : bar foo it means that the website/app is probably "SQL injectable"


This is less a question about SQL Injection itself, and more about this particular ML based implementation. I had to look at the code to understand better what the author tried to say with this example. To the best of my understanding, this is actually a very poor example, let's remember this is a tool supposed to execute SQLi attacks, not to just run ...


VPN Although your whole company no longer uses a VPN; you can still use a VPN. You can provision a VPN that is only used for this scenario: Create a VPN server (plenty out there to choose from) Connect the destination database server to that VPN as a client Configure each company user to that VPN as a client Each company user connects to the VPN when they ...

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