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What are these http requests trying to break?

The best answer I've found so far is a comment by "Jeff" on this question: someone is trying to SQL injection me.. what are they trying to do? : "The exploiter will watch if those three ...
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Trustless Application Architecture for end-users with secure enclaves

What you're describing may be achieved by several decentralized blockchains, such as Ethereum and its smart contracts and escrowing features. You're probably looking for a "dapp" (...
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Malware prevention of data received in a POST endpoint

What's the risk? For example, someone can send data in a form of html (like above example) and also set it's name as a html file with file extension. If then you request that data, the file is ...
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Malware prevention of data received in a POST endpoint

how can you check a string with all the different possible dangers? You can't because: that would mean you have a perfect AV product (which hasn't happened yet, all AV products have false negatives)....
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