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"big institutions" have very strict policy, multiple stage development chain, dedicated quality team and canary testing implemented. It's not that easy task for single rogue developer to insert anything nasty. Theoretically possible, but not probable. Moreover, if the attacker is able to insert a DDOS payload, how about some spyware, backdoor, ...


Yes it is possible. In fact that is exactly what was done in the DDoS against GitHub in 2015. The javascript files served by Chinese search engine Baidu were hijacked by China's Great Firewall to include malicious code to DDoS GitHub. The browsers of all users that visiting Baidu (or any website that used Baidu's analytics) would send HTTP requests to GitHub,...


I'm a little unclear about your last paragraph so I'll answer a bit broadly. If you're enabling DDoS protection on a shared hosting system, doing so will protect your site and potentially the other hosted sites from DDoS. If the other sites are not DDoS protected, an attack directed at them could potentially take your site down, even if your own site is ...


That's not a DDoS but a brute force attack. They had a monitor looking for their target (you) investigating them. Once you tried to scan them, they halted in order to avoid further analysis.

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