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Keep in mind that a bad actor may run multiple brute force attacks at the same time (for example by using two different wordlists in two different, parallel attacks) so this kind of attack may deplete your server's recourses. Always have an "x-time attempt lockout" and remember not to reveal whether the email/username inserted is correct or not ...


The focus of a brute force attack is to get credentials in some way, is true that in some cases can create a DoS as a collateral effect, but I don't think this is the point. The nature of a DDoS is to saturate the resources and you dont care if you get the credentials or not basically. However there are some botnets that are designed to make brute force ...


Yes. If the server cannot keep up with repeated failed login attempts, it will result in a loss of service... aka a DoS if the requests are from ones source, a DDoS if the attack comes from multiple sources.


YES INDEED I used to own a shared hosting business and, while being at a party on a weekend night, I received an automated monitoring notification triggered by a resource exhaustion. I immediately left to the office and when I arrived I found out a bruteforce attack against a client's WordPress admin panel was the cause of it. Always make sure your firewall ...

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