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What sort of security does Docusign provide?

Based on a description in the Docusign blog from May 2024, a basic “e-signature” isn't a cryptographic signature and doesn't come with strong unforgeability and non-repudiation guarantees. As far as I ...
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Is electronic signature a proper/sufficient mean for identification/authentication?

Short answer: the electronic signature is sufficient, if the signer can be trusted. In legalese: “The controller should use all reasonable measures to verify the identity of a data subject who ...
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Does blockchain store digital signatures

Surprisingly enough, there is actually a fair amount of decent information on the web on blockchain systems. But for exact answers it took a lot of research. To answer your question, digital ...
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Revoking a digital signature at the cryptographic level

The correct answer here, as Steffen pointed out, is to issue a signed revocation where all parties can access it. The general way this is done is for there to be an available list of revoked ...
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