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So at a basic level, secrets used by a container will be vulnerable to attack by someone who compromises the container application, that's inevitable. The application has to be able to its secrets and the attacker will have the same access as the application. It's worth noting that this is no different to any other environment, an attacker who compromises an ...


What you're asking for is impossible, unless you can use the secret only before opening yourself to attack and never need it again. If that works, you're OK; just make sure the secret is only present in the container during the non-vulnerable period (e.g. after the container starts but before it opens a listening port or makes an outbound request) and that ...


Secrets passed to a container ARE for the use of the container process. The purpose of a ENV Secret is to expose the Secret to the process context run under that environment. All Secrets, regardless of how they are stored are for the process context of the container. If a container is known to be compromised, your ENV secrets(and others in/passed to that ...


You can use like bane to create the custom profile for the apparmor

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