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There is not going to be a way to force the link text to be the same as the target URL of the link. Else we couldn't have links. Since the very beginning, the advice has been to hover over the link to check where it goes. That advice has not gone away, as error-prone as that might be. To make things easier, you can always turn off HTML-view in your email ...


TLS transport security between federated servers is fairly common now, however this is not encrypted email. Gmail does not support email encryption.The content of your email is NOT encrypted, nor the replies. The email content is in clear text on all the servers involved.


I have been using unique email addresses for each site and service for the past 15 years. So a simple grep lets me calculate how much spam is coming to each address. While anecdotal and only applicable to my usage patterns, this at least gives some common sources from where email addresses are harvested: 24%: Domain registration WHOIS database 22%: IRC ...


I worked on the past on anti spam solutions and the process that we used to do where access with ToR to the deep web and subscribe to nasty places and subscribe to forums all over the place.


Besides the other good answers, I suggest setting up a catch-all email address. You'll find that a lot of spam goes to info@, webmaster@, postmaster@, abuse@ and so on. This typically requires that you register a domain.


Another way for hackers to get your email is if they compromised an website you are registered on and they downloaded the database and just separated the emails & usernames columns, so this is how they may know your name and email as in some phishing campaign you can see they may know your real name and your private email address, or other way is just to ...


There are as many ways of harvesting emails for malicious use as there are villains on the internet. IMPORTANT: most of these methods are outright illegal in most jurisdictions; and some will put you in contact with dangerous people. All of these involve risk, including financial risk, risk of jail or other legal consequences, and/or risk of personal ...


Spammers will "scrape" the internet for email addresses and use programs to collect millions of addresses. Or just download them. If you want your email address to be picked up by spammers, you need to expose your email in multiple different places. The common targets for spammers are social media sites and places like pastebin.


Modern Office requires the user to allow macros to run by clicking the yellow security bar. This should be the default setting. Can you verify this? Did you allow it to run? If you did, it can spread in to other documents and templates. Are you using something like Libre/Open Office? Then you should be safe, unless it was an Open Office formatted document ...


You have been infected. Now you must assume total breach , save the essential files in a pendrive / hard disk (and double check that they do not contain malware) , change EVERY password of every service that could have been used from your computer and reinstall the OS.


In basic I think that word document contained a macro that got executed and probably audited your system for any AV software and then downloaded the real malware. I would suggest to reinstall the whole system if that's possible and check for strange behavior in the network as this malware may try to look around the network to see what else is there. Yes, ...

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