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What vulnerability is a math operation in an HTTP request trying to exploit?

The request was checking if the server has a RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability, by testing if the server could print the result of a mathematical operation. As the result is never found in the ...
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NULL dereference - Why does it work?

This is mostly a question about operating system architecture. Fundamentally, though, the reason is simply "because the CPU is allowed to access user-mode addresses even while the current thread ...
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Security Implications of Automatic Updates?

The risk of supply chain attacks is generally lower than that of outdated software. This is, because it's generally easier for trusted developers to publish mistakes, than it is for malicious ...
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Can webcams be turned on without the indicator light?

Aside from uvcdynctrl mentioned in other answers, it's also possible to use v4l2-ctl in Linux: v4l2-ctl --device=/dev/video0 --set-ctrl led1_mode=0
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Is it possible to run a code only with an environment variable?

It used to be possible to define bash functions using environment variables, as this was the method the shell used to pass user-defined functions down to sub-shells (an environment variable with a ...
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"PUT /SDK/webLanguage HTTP/1.1" on a server with only port 22 open

I've not tried this explicitly with ufw but I expect what you're seeing here is a common side-effect of using Docker where the host is protected by a local firewall (as opposed to a network firewall). ...
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Msfvenom reverse_tcp without LHOST

It's not well documented, but if you are running it from bash, msfvenom will check for an address to use as LHOST if you do not provide it in the command line. You have to dig into the source to see ...
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Is exploit different from the kernel level or root?

If you have root privileges, the main reasons you might attack the kernel are: To break out of a chroot() To break out of a namespace (e.g. container) To bypass kernel-enforced restrictions designed ...
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Bypassing double quote in DOM based XSS?

In general, no. If you see " getting transformed to " as it passes through the HTML, then that usually means that the application is doing output escaping properly.
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