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How to properly sanitise a file name

There are a few things to watch out for: Microsoft’s file systems have the most restrictive path lengths, ensure you do t exceed them (I believe 256, but look it up yourself) There are a few files ...
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How does an attacker modify local files when I access them in Chrome?

TLDR This message is a design flaw in Chrome. Chrome does not explicitly address the "file:" scheme. Simply put, if the resource has no valid certificate, it is considered as not secure. ...
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Can I upload files to a certain website to see exactly what code they contain and what they do (heuristics)?

As to the EFI application, you may be able to run and analyze it in a virtualized UEFI environment using QEMU with OVMF. I'm not sure if there are online services which support OVMF, but if you're ...
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