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Backdoor:PHP/Webshell.O virus detected in an uploaded image file. Should I be worried? How can I prevent it?

Yes, you should be worried. Depending on how exactly the web server is configured, an attacker may be able to trick it into executing code embedded in images, e.g., with a PATH_INFO attack or with a ...
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Issue uploading a file with cURL to WebSecurityAcademy Lab on

To troubleshoot the 403 error during file upload with cURL, you can try: Check CSRF Token: The csrf token in your script might be outdated. Make sure you use a fresh token from a recent request. ...
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The safest and fastest way to upload files in Docker Container

So if I understand what you're trying to achieve here, you have an application running in a container which processes untrusted files and you'd like to be able to scan the images to ensure they are ...
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Does using Apache/nginx actually improve security of a webapp?

Just putting a simple load balancing reverse proxy in front of a broken web application does not fix it. It will implicitly some kind of sanitize HTTP requests at the protocol level, but it will not ...
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Secure Serving of File Uploads on PHP Server without Root Config Possibilities? (Apache)

You don't need root access for any of that. If you are using PHP, you can use move_uploaded_file to send the file you receive from the client to any directory you have access, including somewhere ...
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Where is the file upload path on a webserver?

HTTP traffic using POST is not limited to file uploading. Some other sources do exist. It legitimately includes other HTML forms using HTTP POST method without file upload or web API endpoints. Also, ...
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