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85 votes

Why does Gmail (add accounts) using SMTP server recommend SSL instead of TLS?

From that link: Select a secured connection Check with your other mail service for their recommended port number and authentication type. Here are some common combinations: SSL ...
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70 votes

What should I do about Gmail ad asking me for password?

This seems unlikely but not unthinkable. From the information in your question and the supplied screenshot, it seems that the Google ad domain was or currently is compromised. What to do now? ...
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53 votes

How is it possible for boss to know I am finding a job?

Your boss is likely making assumptions. They can't read your messages on LinkedIn (unless you have your inmails forwarded to your work email and your company is monitoring your inbox....unlikely) The ...
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24 votes

What should I do about Gmail ad asking me for password?

As web developer, I agree with Andrew it all points that it was a developer's mistake. They probably password protected some of the resources required for some of the ads (for example, css, js, a font,...
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24 votes

How can I determine (as a layman) if an E-mail was set to self destruct?

Emails, sent through SMTP, have no way of "self-destructing" internally built in to them. They're basically just text files that hang around for eternity until all copies are manually deleted. The ...
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20 votes

How is it possible for boss to know I am finding a job?

Your employer is possibly using a service like "Keeper" from HiQ Labs, which can provide forward-looking attrition risk analysis based on LinkedIn data. Keeper analyses LinkedIn user data ...
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What should I do about Gmail ad asking me for password?

This is an HTTP(S) Auth window. It looks like a Google Ad is misconfigured. You should report it to Google immediately.
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13 votes

How is it possible that this spam mail came from Google Forms without revealing their sender address?

The spammer in question is abusing a Google Forms feature called Response Receipts. If you create a Google form and turn on response receipts, then whenever anybody fills in and submits the form, a ...
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12 votes

Is this a scam? If yes, how does it work?

I think this is a very novel way to send spam. The gmail account listed basically has set some ad text as their display name and you as the backup email. This can be done very quickly via APIs and ...'s user avatar
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10 votes

Unknown automatically generated email in sent folder

The message line that was automatically sent says "This message was automatically generated by Gmail". It means that you marked a previous received message as spam, so it automatically sends a ...
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9 votes

Identify if a certain domain is using Office 365 or Google Mail

If you have access to email sent from those domains, the headers will contain a wealth of information that will help you determine where they're hosted. The downside is that, unlike poking at their ...
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9 votes

Security of emails from ProtonMail to Gmail

I understand that Gmail to Gmail is not very secure. Depends on the threat. Do you care that a handful of people who work for google and the government can read your messages? If not, then gmail's ...
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What should I do about Gmail ad asking me for password?

It might be a (extremely poor) phishing attempt, or it might be just a misconfigured ad server (asking for the login and password due to .htaccess). Report it to Google (as they own both GMail and ...
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Is Android Gmail app susceptible to MITM, sslstrip? If yes, how?

SSL-strip is not an issue when you are using an app, it is only an issue when you are browsing the web through a browser. It works by replacing HTTPS links with HTTP links in an HTTP page. Since the ...
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Unknown automatically generated email in sent folder

It's most probably an automatic email sent by Gmail but based on your explicit operation to choose "Unsubscribe" within Gmail. Gmail provides a simple way to unsubscribe some mailing list taken by ...
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7 votes

How would google know someone has the password for my web host email?

Since Google has the password for the POP3 account it can check the common password dumps if the password is known publicly. They don't claim that somebody is actively using the password with your ...
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6 votes

How safe is using personal Gmail and Google Account at work?

You can monitor anything in a network you control. So that means private webmail can be monitored by your employer. Legally (us) they are allowed to do so when using company equipment or resources. ...
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Receiving validation mails with wrong address

I'm assuming these are unsolicited "confirm your email" or "thanks for creating your account" emails, indicating that someone has used the email address in the body to open an account or place an ...
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How is it possible for boss to know I am finding a job?

There is not only technology that can bring information about your job searching to your boss. There is a couple of possible premises that can explain your case. Without prior knowledge or by ...
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Is it Safe to Rely on Gmail API to Reward Users for Placing Orders on Merchant Sites?

First, expecting the user to provide full access to their mail to you sounds like a terrible idea for me, since this gives you also access to all private or otherwise sensitive mails of the user. Even ...
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5 votes

How can I send a email between gmail accounts without giving out my IP address?

Gmail does not disclose your personal IP address when sending mail between two Gmail accounts (or Gmail to any other recipient). The IP address in the headers is the IP address of the server which ...
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5 votes

Why doesn't Google's "new sign-in from X" email notification contain the IP of the computer that connected to my Gmail account?

I think this an answer you will only be able to get from someone who works for Google. But I do have a few theories: Google does not want to scare none technical users with a set of numbers they have ...
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5 votes

Phishing e-mail replied to internal email. What is compromised?

Have you already considered that it might just be coincidence? If the subject was something common, it might not even be a compromise, just a lucky guess. If it wasn't something that obvious, how ...
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5 votes

Decoding Gmail login

There's nothing encoded in the log example, it's just a regular IPv6 address. According to db-ip. 2601:283:c200:8782:8039:dc84:e32c:513a is an IPv6 address owned by Comcast Cable Communications and ...
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How does AVG insert its signature into Gmail emails?

Like many other antivirus AVG is doing SSL interception, i.e. it puts itself as a man in the middle into the connection between browser and server. This way it can both read and also modify the ...
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5 votes

Are emails from ProtonMail to Tutanota end-to-end encrypted?

No. They are not. Citing the official FAQ from ProtonMail: Emails sent between ProtonMail users Always end-to-end encrypted. Emails from ProtonMail users to non-ProtonMail users ...
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5 votes

Does gmail still ignore DKIM if SPF passes, DMARC style?

That article mentions a new "security warning" in which: On the web or Android, if you receive a message that can’t be authenticated with either Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DKIM, you’...
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Received a call from +1 202-455-8888 but I did not attempt to log in to my Gmail

There are two possibilities: Someone has your password and is trying to use it, but fails the 2FA. Change your password! Someone is trying to register a new account or 2FA to an existing one, but ...
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5 votes

Spooky Suspicious Sign-In From My Town

The most likely possibility is that your browser was mis-identifid as Windows NT for some reason. Google treats logins from the same device but a different browser as a new login, for security ...
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Was GMail hacked?

Probably only false positive, it happened also before with gmail, facebook etc. This was from 2010 (Opera - Facebook): We are aware of the false positive Fraud warning. Should be fixed ASAP. For ...
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