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Possibly, though not so dramatically. The real trick of billion laughs attacks is that they're exponential: increasing the number of layers of recursion increases the total size (for the classic example) by a factor of 10. That's much more impressive than usual expansion relationships, such as linear (doubling input doubles the size) or quadratic (doubling ...


Yes, XSS is possible. The first injection into src is secure, as " is HTML encoded, which is a proper defense against XSS in a HTML attribute value context. The second injection however is insecure, as it takes place in a JavaScript attribute context. Here, HTML encoding is not a proper defense and XSS can be achieved by injecting ');alert('1, which ...


The type of the input field is not a security feature but merely a usability feature, i.e. it allows early checking of value and might offer already constrains when entering the data in the browser. The server must still validate that the input conforms to the expected type since it is easily possible to bypass the browser based verification or not use an ...


For the cross-domain form submit, the cookies sending are managed by the SameSite setting for each of them.

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