Firefox (Firefox 68.0, under Linux) doesn't store this info in Cookies and Site Data but in History. You need to go to Preferences->Privacy & Security and under the History section, click on Clear History.... Make sure the Active Logins checkbox is checked before you submit.


Using Basic Authentication over HTTPS is considered to be secure as the main issue with Basic Authentication is that the credentials are sent over clear text. However, there are some common practices that make using Basic Authentication a bad idea. The following are some examples: Usually no request limiting is put in place - This can allow brute force ...


ZAP supports HTTP basic authentication natively, so you wont need to use Zest in this case. If you know that an app uses basic auth then you can set that up via the API. However I recommend that you start by using the ZAP desktop as this is much easier to use when debugging issues. For specific help with this its probably quicker to ask on the ZAP User Group:...

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