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How does this PortSwigger lab's XSS work?

When you place this payload in the website parameter value, sending a request like this: POST /post/comment HTTP/1.1 csrf=rJXP2IH8tuMQffr4Ao1XAW5pjCeVm3T8&postId=1&comment=test&name=test&...
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Why are MySQL injections more limited than MS-SQL attacks?

why it appears MySQL is ... Appears to whom? Appears to you? Only you know that. In security there is no "appears". Either particular attack is possible or not. Nothing in this whole video ...
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sqlmap is encountering 403 forbidden

I figured it out in the end. When I pinged that URL I noticed it was behind cloudflare which likely blocks automated penetration testing tools, such as sqlmap. The solution is to add --random-agent to ...
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