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Anonymity in initial Key exchange in onion routing

A Tor client obtains the public keys of all Tor nodes just by asking their list to hosts called Tor Directory Authorities (whose public keys are hardcoded in the Tor software). Therefore, unless the ...
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DHE key exchange with p value 257 bytes but a pubkey of 256 bytes

The length as such doesn't matter; the numeric value does. Both publickey values -- Ys and Yc -- must be numerically less than p (and greater than one), and both your examples are. The numbers used in ...
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Permanent Keys/Secrets in TLS 1.3

There are two different handshake modes. Usually, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm is used to derive an ephemeral shared secret. This secret is not derived from the private key of the ...
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Encryption key exchange for Tor

It is explained formally in this paper. First the Tor Client (Alice) negotiates a symmetric key with the first relay (Bob). Then, it uses its encrypted connection and asks the first relay to extend ...
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