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Escalating user privileges on Linux

There is a very useful site called GTFOBins that has details about lots of different *NIX binaries, and how they can be used to privesc or perform various other actions. Going through the list of SUID ...
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Escalating user privileges on Linux

There's a fairly well-known exploit on chfn: A flaw was found in the util-linux chfn and chsh utilities when compiled with Readline support. The ...
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Escalating user privileges on Linux

Among those binaries, that date is setuid seems very suspicious, as spotted by marcelm If you look at the options supported by date, it has a -f option which displays the time described by each line ...
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How to mitigate spoofing, keylogging password, stealing public key with smart card with external/internal smart card reader?

First of all, I think it's worth talking about some terms. A public key is the half of a key which is public; that is, it is assumed everybody on the planet can know it without having any impact on ...
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