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System encryption on a uefi system?

Encrypting the boot partition (I used to do that) would make it substantially harder for an attacker to compromise your system after gaining physical access. Replacing init or linux image is trivial ...
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Ordering of the PATH environment variable

As this page is now the first or second search result for queries about Linux path precedence, path order, etc. it seems worth adding an explicit short answer: PATH order precedence is determined ...
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Escalating user privileges on Linux

Among those binaries, that date is setuid seems very suspicious, as spotted by marcelm If you look at the options supported by date, it has a -f option which displays the time described by each line ...
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Escalating user privileges on Linux

There's a fairly well-known exploit on chfn: A flaw was found in the util-linux chfn and chsh utilities when compiled with Readline support. The ...
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Escalating user privileges on Linux

There is a very useful site called GTFOBins that has details about lots of different *NIX binaries, and how they can be used to privesc or perform various other actions. Going through the list of SUID ...
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How to mitigate spoofing, keylogging password, stealing public key with smart card with external/internal smart card reader?

First of all, I think it's worth talking about some terms. A public key is the half of a key which is public; that is, it is assumed everybody on the planet can know it without having any impact on ...
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Is WSL 2 secure for commercial work?

So, you can disable the WSL2 integration to some extent. Just have a look at the contents of the file /etc/wsl.conf to see how your WSL2 instance is setup. Use this command to do so: $ cat /etc/wsl....
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