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You mention that in comments that you are a novice and it appears you do not understand wireless in any great deal. You also don't provide a lot of information so your "problem" is very vague. When a device associates to a wireless network, it goes through a number of steps. Among these steps there is an "open authentication" which normally is simply a two ...


If your neighbor is using your WiFi, the fundamental problem is that they have your password. Change your router password to a strong password and make sure you use WPA2 authentication. Make sure you perform the router change from a wired connection and disable WAN side administrative access. Spoofing your MAC address would be a poor choice for them ...


It is not easy or depending on your usage pattern it might even be impossible to fully hide the use of multiple devices on a single ISP connection. It also depends on the effort an ISP is making to detect such "abuse" and on its willingness to fight such abuse even if he is not 100% sure since detections might result in false positives. The usual way to ...


NAT all your internal traffic behind the Hotspot device so you ISP will only see 1 device (IP address) connected and sending traffic to internet.

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