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securely tunneling through a MITM proxy

If the MITM can read the traffic, would it not intercept nested certificate and key exchange as well? Just because it is possible does not mean it will be done. Instead of deeper and deeper ...
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securely tunneling through a MITM proxy

With regard to: But let’s assume that I can set up a trusted proxy outside, on the other side of the MITM, with a preshared key. Is there an easy way to establish an encrypted tunnel through the ...
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Why is there no web client for Signal?

You're not alone. As of the writing of this comment, the Github suggestion of a browser client has 96 thumbs up, eight hearts, and only a single tumbs down. There are many ways to address any ...
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Does TLS interception necessarily require a self-signed certificate? Please explain why

No, it is not possible to MITM a well configured TLS session Yes, the whole point of TLS is to prevent MITM attacks of any kind. As long as you use properly configured TLS, the proxy will not be able ...
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