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ARP Spoof: Will it work on public wifi networks as compared to a home network?

How common these measures are is mostly determined by the professionalism of the IT. If you use the open WiFi provided by a bank, you can expect DAI, client isolation etc. to be present. They will in ...
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dnsspoof and bettercap not dns-spoofing

Idk if this would actually still be relevant, but will post incase its needed. From what I have found out and experimented, it seems that this behavior happens when IP forwarding is enabled. Run the ...
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BankID and QR codes attacked by man-in-the-middle?

Judging from the BankID documentation, it's largely up to the Relying Party (the application which implements BankID-based authentication) to prevent the scenario you describe, e.g., by forcing the ...
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