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You've calculated the MD5 of the file itself, not of its password ('123'). According to its download page, the only hashes supported by Hash Suite are as follows (and ZIP files are not included): LM, NTLM, Raw-MD5, Raw-SHA1, Raw-SHA256, Raw-SHA512, DCC, DCC2, SSHA, MD5CRYPT, BCRYPT, WPA-PSK Compressed file formats are only supported for storing wordlists,...


If you have openssl installed, you can use openssl to take the md5 hash of a string, like so: echo -n "test string" | openssl dgst -md5 result: (stdin)= 6f8db599de986fab7a21625b7916589c


First of all, let's be clear: encryption (encipherment) and hashing are not the same thing. Hash functions convert an arbitrary-size input into a fixed-size output, which by necessity loses some data and is therefore not reversible. If there isn't any way to get back to the plain text - and there isn't, with a hash function; you might find something that ...

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