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This is not a Sim Swap Attack. On a Sim Swap Attack, your phone loses data connectivity because your SIM is marked as lost or stolen, so that SIM cannot connect back to the network. The only way to get connection back is to get another SIM, or having your company restore your SIM status. What is more likely is that someone (maybe you) installed malware on ...


This is likely a SIM-swapping attack which utilises social engineering to get a company to change the phone number with which SIM card (and therefore the messages sent to it) is associated. Here is a decent course of action to mitigate the effects of SIM-swapping.


To begin with, the suggested context/scenario seems to be in compliance with the RFC, even more when considering this paragraph at 2.1. Client Types A client may be implemented as a distributed set of components, each with a different client type and security context (e.g., a distributed client with both a confidential server-based component and a public ...

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