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How to pass hash as password to ssh server

You will not be able to do that. The password is verified by the SSH server (or better by PAM library or similar authentication backend on other platform) by taking the received password, hashing it ...
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How to pass hash as password to ssh server

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this is part of a penetration testing training programme. In which case, you can't get into the system using that hash directly, but you can pass that hash ...
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How to overcome MD4 hashing in SAMBA

MD4 is intrinsic to NTLM authentication. NTLM uses an unsalted MD4 hash of the password as the secret, and in some versions, it uses that hash to encrypt a challenge with DES, and in other versions ...
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Is it possible make a Pass-The-Hash attack with Responder?

Responder gathers NetNTLMv1 and NetNTLMv2 hashes, to be precise. These hashes are generated as part of a challenge-response mechanism, and as a result in much harder to crack than LM or NTLM hashes, ...
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Is this Wikipedia article about SCRAM wrong?

The reason SCRAM prevents pass the hash is that the factors of the hash change due to the challenge. (the counter should be a nonce thereby making it trivial for the real secret holder to calculate a ...
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