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The password hashes for MS Office 97-2003 are vulnerable to collision attacks That is, multiple passwords exist that should be able to open the document. That also means that the password "iemuzqau" is not neccessarily the original password that was set by the author. It is just one of the password that should ...


It is a bad idea all around. First and foremost, it goes against the principle of authentication. By definition, the goal of authentication is to verify that a user is indeed a user, not his family member or a support technician. If someone else needs access, the should have access from their own account with their own password. At the very least, logging ...


This is correct and to some extent applyes even if the container is not leaked yet. If there is any way the attacker may be able to get to the old version of the container (or just its header) for example if you have backups or ssd with wear leveling, it is better to reencrypt.


A not too technical solution is using an unmasking tool to unmask those asterisks in browsers and software. These are 3rd-party unmasking utilites: Bullets Pass View Encrypted Reg View Asterisk Password Spy (I have used) Kernel Password Unmask I don't know Metatrader 5 but there is a Windows built-in tool for this situation which usually used in ...


But the inverse is where I am concerned - there will always be very easy to crack passwords that aren't on the list. "longishpassword" at this time has not had an account using this password that was hit by a leak. This does not mean however that were a leak of hashes to happen, this password would be safe. It would be very easy to break. You are 100% right ...


I've been using Keepass2Android for a number of years without any problems. I use it to synchronise to Dropbox where my .kdbx file is stored. But it can also use Google Drive, SkyDrive, FTP and WebDAV. Note that it caches a local copy of the .kdbx file so can work offline. Keepass2Android is also open source:

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