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Term for a access control model based on users sharing resources with each other?

You have described the classic "Discretionary Access Control (DAC)" model. https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/certification/access-control-models-and-methods/
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Is there a problem to store user permissions in the database instead of in a external auth service?

This is very common and there are no requirements to vest this information with some 3rd party service. You can simply set the flags against the user record, but you expose yourself to the risk of ...
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Sudo user without ability to login

So far I've learned it's impossible or otherwise too complex setup. Basically in other to confirm anything as other user, that user must be able to login. When a user is set to not have login it ...
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Granting Local Admin permissions on domain workstations

The canonical way to implement that kind of scenario according to Microsoft's best practice recommendations is: create a global security group "ERP software admins" in your AD domain and ...
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