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The use of physical measures (such as locks and tamper-proofing) or policies (such as Clean Desk) in order to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

In concept, Physical Security covers everything from paper shredders to bullet-proof glass. Since this site is focused on information security, we are mostly interested in physical means of protecting sensitive information.

On-topic questions include the technology or policies around:

  • Safe disposal of documents and devices.
  • Physical access to secure areas, including locks, fingerprint / iris scans, key-cards, etc.
  • Secure cabinets for sensitive or critical servers.
  • Tamper-proof or tamper-evident device casings.
  • Physical means to prevent side-channel attacks on computer hardware; cold boots, power analysis, access to diagnostic ports, etc.
  • Policies for incident response.
  • and more.

Things that are sometimes on-topic, depending on the focus of the question, include:

  • Closed-circuit camera systems.
  • Alarm systems.
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